Introducing Integrated Applications
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The integrated
application network

By granting contracts the power of an appchain, Neutron enables developers to build breakthrough applications and onboard users from anywhere.

Enshrined infrastructure

breakthrough apps
without breaking sweat.

Leverage in-protocol automation, custom fees, mempools, consensus votes and more to build secure, efficient dApps without the overhead of an appchain.

Cross-chain scalability

deploy once,
onboard from anywhere.

Smart-contracts on Neutron can natively register accounts, transact and query other networks over IBC. No need to redeploy to scale cross-chain.


all the infrastructure you need, out of the box.

Neutron provides operator sets and integrations with leading wallets, explorers, bridges, oracles and more so that developers get to focus on the products.

Want to build different?

join a collaborative dev community.

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